Here she is. 100Ω of pixel-perfect bliss.

I have a Mac Mini that I've been running headless for a couple years now. It's my Plex Server. For the most part, I don't need to connect to it. But when I do, screen sharing has been slow, laggy, and full of graphical glitches.

Because I rarely "use" the computer, it never gets updated. I always assumed that was the cause of my issues, and everything would be fine once I got around updating it. That was tonight.

It didn't help one bit.

Screen sharing was still abysmally slow. None of my other machines, including another Mac Mini with the exact same specs, have any problems with screen sharing. I became convinced it was a hardware issue.

Fortunately, some searching though Apple's support forums provided an answer. It seems that Mac OS disables hardware graphics support when no displays are connected. Once one is attached, the graphics hardware is enabled, and screen sharing works perfectly.

Also fortunately, a real display isn't necessary. A dummy display dongle (please don't fire me!) is good enough to fool the Mac into enabling the graphics hardware.

I found a great post on the macminicolo blog on how to put together one of my own.

All it required was a miniDP-to-VGA adapter and a 100Ω (or thereabouts) resistor. What self-respecting nerd doesn't have those on hand? 5 minutes later, I have what feels like a brand new machine. No lag. No graphics issues.

Apple, please fix this.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying one the of the best monitors I've ever owned.

March 27 2013.