It's not you OmniFocus, it's me.

It's that time again. The time when I am compelled to revisit my entire workflow. I have a new desk and chair on the way, I'm trying out a Surface Pro (more on that soon), and I'm switching task management systems.

I've tried out just about every tasking program in existence for as long as task management programs have been around. For the last few years though, I've always come back to OmniFocus.

It's a fantastic application. While I highly recommend it, I've always felt it's more than I need. And while I've known what I like and dislike about OmniFocus an...

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April 30 2013.

Profoundly Insignificant

April 17 2013.

April 11 2013.

Nest on the Panic Status Board

April 8 2013.

Take More Screenshots

Nostalgia overload.

April 7 2013.


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